Jewellery Photo Retouching Services

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Jewellery Photo Retouching Services

Aarohi infosoft, the pioneer in image manipulation service has introduced jewelry photo retouching services. Retouching jewelry photo is crucial. Graphic designers need to maintain the glittering effect throughout the working process. During the photo shoot, dust, dark spot may appear on the jewelry item. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, we can add the ‘wow-effect’ to your jewelry photos! CEI works as the one-stop outsourcing photo editing partner for all your jewelry image editing and jewelry image retouching services. Our team is here to help you enhance the buying experience of your customers.

Aarohi Infosft is a one-stop outsourcing destination for all your jewellery photo editing needs. Our target is that the details of each and every part of the jewellery is properly displayed to the viewer. Otherwise, the viewer will lose interest and hop to some other website to shop. You cannot afford to have any distracting thing in your photo as it may also take away the attention of the viewers. We ensure that your potential buyers get impressed by the look of the jewelry piece and are able to clearly see even the smallest details of the jewelry.

Jewelry Shadow Creation - Realistic shadows allow people to highlight all visible and beneficial features of the selling product as well as definitely to focus all client`s attention on the necessary item and make the picture memorable by professional means of jewelry photo editing. With the distinctive help of the shadows you will improve not only ‘precious photography.

Scratch & Dust Removal - Dust may convince customers that your products are of the low quality. It completely spoils the whole image and consequently causes the range of possible negative emotions. Sometimes the jewelry to be photographed may have some scratches or dust which might have settled on it. We can remove such glaring errors from the jewelry image and make the images appear as good as new.

Background & Mannequin Removal - It plays an important role in jewellery images. We help you get the right background so that the main focus remains on the jewellery products that you want to advertise. We can either remove it or replace it. Whether it is a distracting background, or a mannequin not suiting an image, we have the expertise to make changes in jewelry photos based on the customer need.

Jewelry Color correction & Editing - Jewelry photography is very reflective. It is difficult to shoot it without mentioned drawbacks. Specialists have created a special technology how to shoot jewelry to make it attractive. A photographer should firstly put jewelry on a perfectly flat surface, then carefully diffuse light by using umbrellas and surely white paper as these things create a professional backdrop.

We do take pilot projects to prove ourselves and perform as no one else at very reasonable cost. To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us today!!!!!