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Image Masking Service

Aarohi Infosoft provides photo mask creation service that is cost-effective yet ensures that the quality is maintained. Through our professional image mask creation service, we aim at saving the precious time of our clients while meeting their exact requirements.

Image masking is an essential pre-production service demanded by publishing houses, advertisement companies and eCommerce organizations. The nature of their business is very fragile, involving extreme attention to products/subjects.

Photo masking involves isolating background or any part of the photograph from remainder of the photograph which has blurred or undefined edges. As a basic concept to understand Photo Mask, It is a generous technique that helps you upgrade the level of transpiring an ideal system of picture perfection and equally blended photo picture quality.

It depicts the cultural radiance of any particular framed portrait, scene or image and help people make unique blended pictures so the incentives not goes a miss and the basic role of Photo Masking help in masking the real derogating facts in any photo and help figuring out a unique self in people around by using software’s such as Photoshop.

We eliminate or detach an object from the rest of the image using the advanced pictures masking techniques. We use Adobe Photoshop for varied masking techniques based on the images and the criteria.

Kind of Masking:

  • Layer Masking.
  • Pixel Masking.
  • Channel Masking.
  • Quick Mask.
  • Vector Masking.

We do take pilot projects to prove ourselves and perform as no one else at very reasonable cost. To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us today!!!!!